This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy SERIOUSLY and will take all measures to protect your personal information.

What information do we collect?

We only collect information that we need that is related to your order.

This includes your:

  • - Shipping Address(-es)
  • - Email Address
  • - Phone Number

In addition we also collect information on your IP address, browser type, and Refer URL data. We use this data to prevent hacking attempts, help us know what web browsers people are using, and find out where our visitors are coming from so that we can improve our marketing.

How Is My Information Used?

Your information is only used to fill your order. We do not sell or redistribute your information to ANYONE.


Only your profile info, order details and shipping information and order contents data is stored on our server. This information is encrypted using a Secure Sockets Layer before it is transmitted over a web server. We do not store any financial information about you or your company.


Cookies are small files that reside on your computer and allow us to recognize you on your next visit or store your shopping cart contents. We use them only to track this information.


Returns & Exchange Policy for defective, malfunctioning or damaged during transportation merchandise.

As part of our effort to provide high quality parts and excellent after sale service to our customers, MobiFix has a Returns & Exchange policy to take care of any malfunctioning, defective or damaged parts that our customers may encounter among our merchandize.

In order to get merchandize exchanged by MobiFix, each individual item to be exchanged must meet the following criteria.

  • Must have CLEAR MobiFix markings such as MF, MF18, M20F18, etc.
  • Must be purchased from MobiFix at most 6 months ago
  • Does not have significant signs of wear and tear
  • Does not have any significant signs of physical or liquid damage
  • Picture or a video showing the problem reported to MobiFix
  • A few words describing the problem and its location on the screen itself
  • Safely kept and shipped back to us to avoid any further damage

Returned goods will be tested for the described problems and if problem persists during our tests then an exchange will be issued, otherwise the screen will be shipped back with the next order.

Returned merchandise meeting these criteria not only helps us have them exchanged at the manufacturer but also provides us with up to date feedback on quality of our latest arrivals which can be used to keep improving the quality of products that we provide to our customers.